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If an Angel Knocks at Your Door, You'd Best be Home!
Lynn B. Herzig
Spike was the 29th person ever diagnosed with enocinophilia myositis, a debilitating autoimmune disease, fatal without aggressive treatment. This is the story of his fears, his family, his struggle through therapy, and an angelic presence who stood by the brink of death.
Price: $5.95
The Building of Industry-The Official History of the National Tour Association.
Lynn B. Herzig
Chronicles how the dreams of thousands of business people and millions of travelers have converged for almost 50 years to result today in an industry that is unparalleled in the excitement and fulfillment it provides to its practitioners and consumers.
Price: $19.95
Where Did You Go? Out! What'd You Do? Nothing!
Lynn B. Herzig
It seems like forever... but it wasn't much past yesterday. Even so, that world of the 'forties and 'fifties is mostly gone, except in memoirs like this of a joyous boyhood in a very small town.
Price: $9.95
Watkins Glen Racing
Kirk W. House and Charles R. Mitchell
At first they raced in the streets, up the hills, and through the spectacular gorge of Watkins Glen. Now a dedicated closed course hosts the largest single-day sporting events in New York. Follow the course of Watkins Glen racing in this photo book celebrating sixty years of thunder and joy.
Price: $19.95
Finger Lakes
Kirk W. House and Charles R. Mitchell
All eleven counties... all fourteen lakes... steamships, railroads, wineries, early airplanes, and happy campers. Celebrate over a hundred pages of historic post cards from the Finger Lakes.
Price: $19.99
Hell-Rider to King of the Air
Kirk W. House
Glenn Curtiss grew up on the shores of Keuka Lake... took up bicycling... then motorcycles... then airplanes! Back before World War I the winemaking village of Hammondsport exploded with new technology, and daredevil Glenn Curtiss was at the heart of it. Get the panorama story of Glenn's action-packed life, along with close-up at the machines he rode to greatness.
Price: $29.95
Around Watking Glen
Kirk W. House and Charles R. Mitchell
Watkins Glen is not a big community -- but it has a world-renowned state park, a world-famous auto racing venue, and the largest of the Finger Lakes. If you've ever been to Watkins -- if you'd like to go some day -- capture the community with this historic photo book.
Price: $19.99
Around Hornell
Kirk W. House
When the railroad reached Hornell, it carried Daniel Webster and President Millard Filmore. They were celebrating establishment of the Erie Railroad's main repair shops, beginning a relationship that has kept the city humming for a hundred and fifty years. Relive the glorious railroad days in this collection of historic photos.
Price: $21.50

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